Wednesday, July 30, 2014

More magnets and Dark Eldar

I have been working on a Maulerfiend/Forgefiend that I need to take pictures of.  Still have to finish the Forgefiend part of it.  Lots of magnets for it.

Also, I have started collecting Dark Eldar so expect some of that to be showing up here soon.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Plague Swamp Bases

For the bases, I painted the top Death World Forest.  After trying, I gave it another layer and then put 2 big drops of Elmer's school glue on top of it and mixed it together to get green glue.  After spreading all around the top of the base around the model's feet, I put drops of Krazy Glue in it which causes it to try out and gives nasty organic looking circles.  Wait 5 minutes and use a toothpick to put a little Krazy glue on the rest of the base to give it some texture, but being sure to move and pull it so it does not make more circles.  After it all dries, I put Nuln Oil in the circles and covered the rest with Nurgle's Rot.

For the champions, I added rocks for them to stand on.  Started with pieces of cork that looked good for the size of the base.  Glued them on (after painting the top green already) and primed in Imperial Primer from the paint pot.  2 coats.  Then painted the cork with Mournfang Brown followed by a light dry brush of Skrag Brown.  Once that was dry I did a little bit of edge highlighting and drybrushing with Ushabti Bone.  Glued the champions on after that and did the rest of the steps the same.

Album of in progress pictures

A few images from the Album

Plague Marines have been based

I am finally finished with the Plague Marines now that the bases are done.  That makes a total of 55 models that are completely done.  Considering that I have been doing this for 6 months, that does not sound that great.  There are several others that I have started on or just need to base to finish (20 cultists) but overall I am happy with the progress.  While the painting is slow, it has still been a lot of fun in the mean time.

Here are some finished pics.  The basing was mostly the same as how I did the Zombies with a few exceptions.  I will have another post for that with in progress pics.

Plague Champions

Plague Marines

15 total for 3 units of 5.  Rhinos to come next

Zombie comparison shot