Monday, February 2, 2015

First Salamander

This is my first painted Salamander model. Up close, you can really see where I messed up on the grey highlighting, but at a distance it does not look that bad.

This one had a wash over the entire model before highlights. I am doing another with just recess washing and I will compare the two.

Also, this was the first model I have used a varnish on. I used Satin varnish per internet recommendations. I think I will go over it with matte to dull the shine.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Activities and Progress

Several things have changed since I last updated.

Army Summary:

I have not done anything with my Chaos Space Marines in a while.  So long in fact, people at my local gaming store have started asking me if I want to sell them since I am not using them.  I am not ready for that yet...especially after putting all of the work into the Zombies.

Dark Eldar:
I started a collection of Dark Eldar, learned how to play them, new Codex came out, had to learn how to play them all over again.

Before the new Codex came out, I was doing well enough to come in second at a tournament in the fall. I could have done better, but the 3rd army was IG which I have had 0 luck against so far.  They have been brutal when I have played them.

With Black Friday sales and Christmas gift cards, I have started up a Salamanders Space Marines army. These guys have been a ton of fun. I am working on a Null Deployment, Drop Pod everything list.  I am still figuring out what works, but it has been hard for people to deal with all of the master crafted meltas everywhere.

Airbrush - A lot of the Salamanders have been basecoated with the airbrush.  I think I learned a lot doing this.

I am trying different types of brushes for regular painting. I am moving away from the tiny brushes to ones that have good tips but still have a body to hold paint. I will do a post on this in the future.

I have a few pictures of my work on both new armies. I will work to get those uploaded and added here with some comments.  I also want to start timing my work and do some specific projects around that work.