Sunday, June 29, 2014

First Tournament

I participated in my first tournament today.  3 games, 2.5 hours each.  Interesting missions...none were the standard ones.  The guys at the game store had worked to come up with some unique missions to give the day a theme.

First was a planet strike mission where armies were just getting to the planet.  All Heavy Support was in reserve...that really messed up some lists people had.  Second was a mysterious objectives mission with the middle as an exploding ancient piece of technology.  Last was a planet evacuation with a meteor shower of large blasts on the board.  Fun stuff.

I did not do that great, but I had a ton of fun and learned a bit too.  I think the list I ended up bringing was a bit too weak.  Gives me ideas for next time.  And I have an idea of what to expect next time too.

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